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Amazon Astro

The new smart home technological assistant on wheels is available. Amazon delivered Astro, but please do not think about it as just a mobile Echo version.

Alexa is on board sure and it can be woken up with the word ‘Astro’ but there is much more.

Let’s find out its features.

Astro is a pretty small robot that can move through your home at the speed of 3 km/h thanks to its three wheels, two for drive and one for rotating, as well as its all sensors.

The robot is equipped with ultrasonic and cliff sensors to detect respectively its route and any obstacles on its path, then there is a depth camera to determine the distance between objects and motion sensors to detect any movement.

It has a 10-inch display that looks like its face, equipped with a 5 megapixel camera on its bezel. The display can be rotated electronically or manually along its horizontal and vertical axes hence top down and left to right either way.

Behind the display there is an arm that can be extended until 106 cm and on which a 12 megapixel camera on top makes itself like a periscope.

You can ask Astro to extend its periscope and control it via its mobile app to get a view of a specific place of your home.

A button around the periscope once hit makes Astro immobile disabling its cameras and microphone.

The robot is featured with a USB-C port in its back for charging another device and if you need to send some drink to someone you can just put the cup in its holder placed onto the robot’s back.

There are few third party products that you can put onto its back holder and many others are coming.

Astro is powered with a dedicated processor and a Qualcomm processor for any kind of task. When the feature is enabled Astro is able through its front camera to recognize your face and every other of your family, or at least who is already identified.

When the power is low Astro will drive itself to the dock power station where it is being charged in 45 minutes, as Amazon says.

Essentially what is Astro able to do?

Smart assistant. Like you are used to doing with Alexa, you can use the wake word ‘Astro’ and then make your request, Astro as a smart assistant will follow you around. You can ask Astro how it’s doing, control your smart home, tell a joke, play some music and fire up a TV show or movie. Astro looks to have a personality through its two displayed eyes.

Home monitoring. Making a tour of your home Astro will map all the home's spaces, so then you can name all the rooms and adjust barriers.

It is also possible to prohibit the access of a specific area.

Astro can be integrated with Ring Protect Pro and show up as a camera in the Ring app. The robot is able to patrol your home and go to a specific area where there might be a specific event. The video recorded will be then uploaded to the Ring's storage. Without Ring Protect however Astro can control your home, driving around it and going wherever you want or just where you need to take a look at by its periscope.

Events listening. Astro supports Alexa Guard to listen for carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, as well as glass breaking. In case of detection the robot will alert you at once.

Family members checkup. As Astro is able to identify every member of your family it will be familiar with them and it can routinely check on them. You can ask Astro to look for someone and once he/she has been found you can start a video call with him/her. If there is someone who needs to be checked for his/her health condition Astro can be scheduled to find him/her at the scheduled time and ask for everything.

In conclusion Astro gives you all Alexa’s features and smarts on wheels, patrolling and monitoring of your home, Ring integration and family's members checkup but if you however think that at the price of $999 it is expensive, you can buy one of Amazon's Echo devices. In the future Astro should launch at $1,449.99.



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